Monday, February 8, 2016

[Tea Travels] Dobra Tea in Asheville, NC

While visiting Asheville, NC I was lucky to visit Dobra Tea in downtown Asheville. Being a huge lover of tea shops, I was thrilled to get to visit one that wasn't just a glorified coffee shop! Dobra Tea was a great place! The atmosphere was amazing, and they had a lot of different looks for enjoying your tea, from sitting at a table with chairs, to small booths with tables, to sitting on pillows on the floor with a small table in front of yoo.

The lighting was very natural and inviting, the back was darker and more intimate to sit and enjoy tea! The mood of this place is great!

And now onward to the tea! Their Tea menu is HUGE!  So many amazing teas to try!

Like delicious Matcha!

They even did samplers, so you could try different types of tea, without getting an entire pot! I ended up trying out the sampler above and a Matcha. All were amazing!

They also have yummy looking food! I did not order anything off the menu, but I would try almost anything on this menu because is all looks amazing.

The set up that they give you for enjoying your tea is very appealing!

They even have cute tea cups with their logo on them!

Dobra also seems to be very big with the local community, they had a lot of framed clippings in the tea room talking about it, the owner, tea and even some recipes to use tea with!

There are a bunch of locations in Asheville, not just the one downtown I visited! If you are in the area I would highly suggest visiting and getting some tea and/or a snack! You can find them online here!

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