Monday, February 1, 2016

[Tea Review] Trader Joe's Pumpkin Spice Rooibos

During my hunt to try everything Pumpkin spice for the months of October and November, I picked up Trader Joe's Pumpkin Spice Rooibos. I had not had a chance to try it (since for some reason it got pushed in the back of my tea cabinet....) So I pulled it out today and gave it a try! 

First impressions of the packaging, I really love how it is packaged in its own little tin. The tin holds 20 pyramid tea bags. The pumpkin tea pot design is very cute, and the tin will definitely last longer than my Trader Joe's Irish Breakfast Tea box (which normally that tea gets put into a tin anyways so it will stay fresh.) But I do love the packaging which makes it stand out from all the other teas that were available at Trader Joe's, whether you were looking for the Pumpkin Spice items or not. 

The smell of the tea when opening the container is not super strong, I can smell a hint of pumpkin scent and cinnamon, but not much other than that. So I was not quite sure what to expect from the taste. 
The smell of the tea once it has steeped was a lot more fragrant. It had clove and nutmeg scents added in with the pumpkin spice and cinnamon. It smelled really good, for someone who loves those fall spice smells.

The taste was good, subtle and not overpowering. I did not feel the need to add any sweetener to this tea. The taste of cinnamon and cloves stood out along with a hint of pumpkin spice, and of course the bush tea taste as well. I would definitely buy this again next year once this tin is empty (the date to have it used up by on the bottom is Jan. 28, 2017, so I have some time to enjoy this tea.)

I am not sure if Trader Joe's still has this available right now (some may since the expiration dates are still good.) but I would definitely give it a try if you like those fall flavors and Rooibos tea.  A tin of it is 3.99, so it is reasonably prices as well! You can check it out on the Trader Joe's webpage here

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