Tuesday, February 9, 2016

[Loot Pets] Loot Pets December Crate - Galaxy

A few months ago Loot Crate announced they would start a pet crate! As someone with a geeky pup, I was super thrilled about this and signed up right away! Decembers theme was Galaxy, which had the same theme as the human Loot Crate!

Jimmy doesnt look super excited but he was really excited for all his new geeky puppy stuff! So much so he hardly wanted to stand still!!

As with all the Loot Crates, it has its own magazine! This one has my favorite dog breed on it, a Pug!! (Jimmy may end up dressing up like this at some point!)

The first box came with a cute charm for Jimmy's leash! Since this is the first box it even says founding pet! 

And a super cute Weyland-Yutani Corporations collar for his dog charm to go on! How cool it is that this is based off of the company from Alien!  I got Jimmy a size medium (the box gives you an option for shirt size and then collar size, since not all dogs are the same!)

This bowl is super cute!!! It has a no skid bottom which is good since Jimmy will scoot bowls across the floor (when he will eat out of one, that is.) If it heavy ceramic, sturdy and wonderfully made!

Loot Pets Galactic Snaps. Dog treats made in the U.S. and Jimmy was SUPER interested in these. He gobbled the first one up really quick and wanted more. He loves these things! (and the packaging is super cute too!)

The shirt! (that matches the one I got in my loot crate!) Jimmy is so silly and will run around in outfits all the time! He ran around in this shirt for most of the day! This is a large and fit him well (the neck was a little big, but that is the case with most shirts for him.) This also washed up great and didn't shrink when we put it back on him.

Overall I was very happy with the first Loot Pets box! Jimmy loved it and we have used all the items in the box! The collar and shirt fit great! and I am so excited to see what future boxes have in them! Loot Pets costs 24.99 a month (that price includes shipping)

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