Wednesday, February 17, 2016

[Geek Beauty Product] Hello Kitty Softlips Cube

After a little bit of looking I finally found one of the four Hell Kitty Softlips Cubes! Softlips released four of these super cute Hello Kitty themed lip moisturizers in the colors Red (apple), Pink (Strawberry Banana), Purple (Passion Fruit), and Blue (Cupcake). They released them individually and as a set of four. 

The packaging for these is super cute! They each have a little theme, Red's is smart, so Hello Kitty has glasses on. Purple (Pretty) is winking, Pink (Cute) is just regular Hello Kitty, because how can you get cuter than that! and Blue (Sweet) is just regular Hello Kitty too!

The design on these is nice, its not just a regular sticker that will peel off easily, I ran my finger and nail over it and its staying on there, so woot for quality!! (and cuteness!!)

The lid for the Softlips Cubes screw off and on, so you do not have to worry about the tops coming off in your bag, which is good. I have used the regular Softlips Cubes before (I got my first over a year ago in one of my Influenster Voxboxes) So I already knew they were good quality, but was happy the sticker wouldn't peel off easy. 

The smell is very nice. It's apple, and not super overpowering. The lip conditioner goes on smooth and stays on your lips (unless you eat or wipe at them, then not much will stay on well.) It also has a fruity taste, but not a strong one at all, very pleasing. I really like these, and the fact that I can now have cute Hello Kitty faces on them too makes me happy! 

To show I have used these in the past, the regular two that I have in my purse and at my computer!

I found mine at Target for $3.49.

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