Wednesday, February 10, 2016

[Makeup Review] Island Girl Hawaii Nail Polish

Island Girl Cosmetics is a brand of nail polish, lip gloss, and grooming tools sold through ABC Hawaii stores. If you are not familiar with ABC, they are a line of convince stores in Hawaii (and a few in Las Vegas as well.)

I purchased some of their nail polish years ago on my last trip to Hawaii, but picked up two colors on my trip I just took to Las Vegas.  A pretty glittery purple and a shiny blue color. 

The Nail polishes are 2.99 a piece for 2 for $5 (many of their products had a two for price at the ABC stores.) They come in 0.65 fl. oz. sizes (they also sell multi packs of smaller bottles as well)

I needed a purple nail polish to touch up my nail polish for the character I was acting as for the weekend at Otakon Vegas, and her signature colors are black and purple, so I chose this glittery purple to use! I really liked it, it went on well and took 2 coats to give me a good coverage, I did notice though after about 4 days the glittery nail polish did start to get brittle, which I can understand because it has a bunch of glitter in it! The purple glitter color is 1403A (this one didn't have a cute name)

I chose this lovely blue because it reminded me of TARDIS blue. It is a beautiful blue with a shimmery look to it. The color was M1803 or "Tropical Magic". This one stayed on for longer than four days before it began to chip, it was very smooth going on and didn't have the brittle feeling of the glitter polish (which I am guessing is because of the glitter itself.) 

For the price of this brand, I would recomend trying it out if you see colors you like! I wish I had grabbed one of their cuticle oils to try out since they looked rather pretty and I am always up for trying out new (to me) nail products. Oh well I guess that is somehting to check out next time I am in Hawaii or Vegas! You can see their line of Island Girl products on the ABC webpage here

As with any dark nail polishes I wear, I suggest wearing a clear base coat before putting on dark colors, since they do have a habit to stain your nails, but I say that for any brand of nail polish. 

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