Friday, February 5, 2016

[Loot Crate] January Level Up!

For January I did two of the Level Up! options that Loot Crate has. I did the Socks and the Accessories for this month. I did the socks for the first time in December, and loved the Star Wars ones they sent! So decided to try it out for another month, the accessories I have been doing for the last few months and have loved it! 

The January Theme was "Invasion" so everything in the crates had to do with aliens or shows that have something to do with them!

Lets starts off with the socks for my review. The socks monthly pack is $9.99 a month and has two pairs of socks that fit the theme of Loot Crates boxes for the month.

Alien Socks
 These were my favorite out of the two pairs of socks I got! They are cute and cheesy all together and really make me think of the X-Files when I see them. They are from Sock it To Me! The quality is really nice, they are stretchy and have a thick knit to them. The design is well made on them and doesn't stretch too much them I put them on! These will definitely get a lot of wear!

Destiny Socks
While I have not played Destiny (I have watched people play it however, but do not own the system the game is on, so haven't played it.) These are still well made socks. They have a high quality design on them and were made exclusively for Loot Crate. I will probably wear them, however Destiny is popular enough with my friends, if I decide to gift them, I wont have a problem finding people to give them too!


Now onward to my favorite part of the Level Up! the Accessories! I was so excited when I saw that Loot Crate did this! I love geeky jewelry and accessories so this one was right up my alley!! The accessories is $14.99 a month and comes with one to two accessories every month. January's accessories was a necklace from Star Trek, which I love and was so excited when I opened up the package for it! 

Its' one of those old school friendship necklaces with a very familiar saying on it (radiation chamber not included.) The necklace is high quality and has magnets in it so it will clip together too. The chains do not come off of each one easily, however I will be putting both charms on one necklace to wear them together because it looks awesome! 

See looks how cool that looks together! Perfect to wear on its own, without finding your Spock or Kirk to give one side too! 

Level Up! Is a monthly subscription service that does jewelry, socks, t-shirts, a wearable, all types of awesome stuff! I know one of the items in February's is a ladies Deadpool shirt from HerUniverse! which is awesome, almost makes me wish I got the ladies shirt one!the February theme is Dead (so stuff from Walking Dead, Deadpool, etc.)  You can check it out here!

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